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Top 5 Home Features Dad Will Love

Every family has a special wish list when considering purchasing their new home. Some love window seats for reading, while others search for a room filled with light for painting, but for Dad, certain home features stand out more. These five features make a house a dream home for Dad.

  • A Spacious Garage

For Dad, a garage is much more than a space to park a car. A spacious garage allows Dad to have a storage room and a place to help keep him organized. Giving him extra space for his sports gear and tools. A garage with additional space also allows Dad to have a workshop area with room for his woodworking projects or car maintenance. Let’s not forget the endless possibilities of a man cave. With extra garage space, Dad will have room for a mini-fridge and chairs for downtime.

240 Private 3013 Road, Lyons, Texas, 77863 Burleson County
  • Outdoor Living Space

Outdoors can be the perfect spot for Dad to entertain and relax. Some features Dads will love are backyard patios and decks. The additions will allow him to cook and barbecue while hosting family events. Firepits are also great additions to outdoor living space, where Dad can relax and tell stories with his family. Large backyards will also give Dad room to watch his children playing, extra space for a garden, and even turf for golf fans.

159 Alesha Road, Red Oak, Texas, 75154 Ellis County
  • Smart Home Technology

Dads love the efficiency and security of the evolving smart home technology. Home features like security cameras and alarm systems give him peace of mind regarding family safety. Other smart home features like motion-censored lights and app-controlled electronics are also features that will add to Dad’s convenience.

9721 Pelsey Street, Houston, Texas, 77029
  • Home Office or Study

With remote work on the rise, some Dads will appreciate having a quiet office to focus and work from. For him, privacy and space away from the main living area will be essential. A room of his own will also help ease distractions. Dad will also enjoy a built-in desk and cabinet space, allowing him to have more storage and help him stay organized. Dad will also appreciate good lighting in his office space, giving him a productive environment.

75 Coral Gables, Trinity, TX 75862
  • Entertainment Room

The entertainment room can be the liveliest in the home, filled with family, friends, and fun. The room can have multiple large-screen TVs, surround sound, and lazy boy recliners that will make this room one of Dad’s favorites. The entertainment room can be a place to watch multiple short games, movie nights, and even video games for dads who love gaming. Dads may even want to add a pool table and wet bar for drinks, allowing Dad to host the best gatherings.

963 Harper Lane, Bryan, TX 77803

When your family searches for the perfect home, these features can be some of Dad’s favorites. Dads will enjoy these features, from a spacious garage to an entertainment room, which adds to his comfort and enjoyment. If you and your family are looking for a home with a feature for every family member, contact Oro Realty. We will make sure to keep Dad’s favorites in mind.

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