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Tips on How to Make Sure Your Home is Prepared for Hurricane Season

Hurricane season approaches yearly from June through November, so homeowners and landowners must prepare their property. As real estate agents, we are often asked how one should prepare their homes for unpredictable weather conditions. So, in light of the current hurricane season, here is a Realtor’s guide to help you prepare your home well and keep it safe.

  • First, you must review your insurance coverage. Check Your Policy: How often can one honestly say their insurance coverage is up to date? It is not very frequently that we shop around or even ensure we have adequate coverage for wind and hail damage. Flood Insurance: Perhaps you live near Lake Somerville or Lake Bryan in a flood zone. Have you considered purchasing flood insurance if you do not already have flood damage in place?
  • Second, it is very important to be prepared with an emergency kit. Essentials: As someone who experienced Hurricane Harvey and was left without power and water for over a week, I can tell firsthand that my water stock, non-perishable foods, candles and flashlights, batteries, first aid items, a generator, and gasoline were crucial. Do not wait until the last minute to purchase home necessities. However, there is no need to overstock; enough stock for your family will do. Important documents: Insurance policies, identifications, and other essential documents should be kept in a safe or waterproof container.  
  • Third, do you have an emergency plan? Family Plan: If an emergency were to occur, would your family know what to do? Do your children know to meet at a neighbor’s or across the street? It is crucial to have a plan and a designated meeting spot for every family member to have evacuation routes out of the home. Stay Informed: Stay informed on current weather conditions and know the city’s emergency options. A battery-powered radio can also be used if cell towers are down.
  • Fourth, it would be helpful to have connections within your community. Community resources: Cities will offer shelter and resources to their local community during emergency weather, so being aware of your options is vital.

Now, prepare your home and reinforce all windows and doors.

  • First, Window Protection and Secure Doors: To protect you from flying debris, you can install shutters or cut plywood to the size of your windows. I highly suggest having the plywood cut, ready, and stored year-round so it is readily available. It is crucial to ensure all doors are secure, including garage doors, which can sometimes be weak, especially with high winds.
  • Second, Trim your trees and secure all outdoor items. Trim away branches or trees that could potentially damage your home or vehicles during an unpredictable storm. Bring outdoor furniture in anchor-down grills and swingsets that can be projected during high winds.
  • Third, Check the gutters and roof. It is always good to ensure your roof is in good condition and does not have missing or loose shingles. You will also want to ensure your gutters have been cleaned after tree trimming. Clean gutters allow rainwater to flow correctly, reducing the risk of water buildup and roof damage.

These are just a few steps to help you prepare your home for hurricane season. If you are selling or purchasing a home, it is always essential to get an updated inspection. An inspection following a hurricane can help you find weak spots within the home’s structure, such as the roof, windows, and foundation. If you have any questions and need further assistance, do not hesitate to contact an Oro Realty agent, and we can provide you with updates and resources to help you prepare.


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