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ORO Realty

ORO Realty


ORO Realty provides a genuine and innovative take on traditional Real Estate. With a diverse team that genuinely cares—we exceed expectations, always. That’s the Gold Standard.

Based in Burleson County with two offices, ORO Realty is Texas’ prime destination for all things real estate. With a diverse and innovative take on traditional real estate, we are bridging the gap between hospitality and your next home.

Kristen Orostieta worked closely with an array of different real estate companies over the years and constantly felt like there was a ceiling to her gifts. Kristen knew it was time to expand her wings and act on her natural yearn to give clients what they deserve: a positive, diverse team that genuinely cares.

With a burning desire to innovate the industry, ORO Realty came to life in 2020. Instead of settling for mediocre listings with photos of dirty rooms, Kristen and the growing ORO Realty team set their minds on treating each home like a million dollar listing. And succeeded.

From concierge services like cleanouts, renovations, cleaning, and staging to assistance with moving or estate sales, we are ready to help you in any way you can imagine. With a strong focus on New Age Marketing and Social Media, we get your listing professionally exposed. We don’t have limitations on the type of properties we take on, or their current condition.

Big success doesn’t mean sterile offices and less contact. Not for us. ORO Realty’s “stay small” strategy allows us to stand by our clients and watch them grow. Contact us today for a commitment-free conversation on how we can best serve you.